August 31, 2009

Wagga Wagga, Australia

This fun link reveals all the libraries in the world with a copy “Heart in the Right Place” and how many miles they are from where I live (in the 37924 area).

My book is in 1,010 libraries including some over 11,000 miles away and some in places I never heard of like Wagga Wagga, Australia

I wonder how the book is playing in Wagga Wagga?

August 26, 2009

Are All Writers Really Crazy?


I’m reading a really funny book, The Reluctant Tuscan, by Phil Doran.

It’s a wonderful portrait of the particular kind of “quirks” (i.e., derangement) that afflict comedy writers. I really identified with this guy’s brand of neurosis.

A wacky, disparate syndrome: living via fast food drive-thrus, over-identification with your job, prone to hysteria, …. it’s a long list.
: )

August 22, 2009

Angora Goat

Many people have asked me about the goat in my book — the one beloved by weavers for its gorgeous hair and who got hurt and needed to be x-rayed. Here are some great photos of them.

The photos were taken by my amazing friend Ann Froschauer at the Baa-tony Project (volunteer goat herding in the Appalachians). Please check out the site and volunteer for the most awesome hillbilly (and yuppie-eco-tourism) experience:

Baaaa...angora goats near Roane Mountain

Baaaa...angora goats near Roane Mountain

Baa-tony Project

Baa-tony Project