March 20, 2007

Yet Another Alternative Author Photo

The media often asks me for an author photo to go with the story they are doing about my book. I usually send one where I look really good.
I try to get one where I look way better than I do in real life. Not a “glamor shot” exactly, but more of a lucky trick of light shot.
But now that I’m about to go on tour, I didn’t want to startle anyone with my actual face, so I decided to start gradually leaking more realistic photos.
This one is what I really look like first thing in the morning…

March 19, 2007

Who Is That Masked Woman?


March 15, 2007

Interview and Review in “More Magazine”

“More Magazine” will be publishing an interview and book review by Rebecca Barry in their June issue. Rebecca has a book coming out in May called “Later, at the Bar.” She seemed like a really nice person, so I bet it’s good.

March 7, 2007

Great Writers Speak

I’ve been listening to a set of audio CDs compiled from Terry Gross’ interviews with writers on her NPR show Fresh Air. The insights contained therein are REALLY great. I ordered it from NPR’s online store.