August 26, 2009

Are All Writers Really Crazy?


I’m reading a really funny book, The Reluctant Tuscan, by Phil Doran.

It’s a wonderful portrait of the particular kind of “quirks” (i.e., derangement) that afflict comedy writers. I really identified with this guy’s brand of neurosis.

A wacky, disparate syndrome: living via fast food drive-thrus, over-identification with your job, prone to hysteria, …. it’s a long list.
: )

April 8, 2008

Really Fun & Interesting Site

Here’s my Good Reads bookshelf:


A Neat Site for Booklovers

Here’s my Shelfari bookshelf:

February 3, 2007

The List

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriott

Anything by Neal Stephenson

The Fletch series by Gregory McDonald

Seeking Spirit Vision and The Seer’s Handbook by Dennis Klocek

An Endless Trace by Christopher Bamford

Silence by Robert Sardello

The Great Initiates by Edouard Schure

Anything by Brian Haig