February 5, 2007

Places to Get Help With Your Writing

One summer when I realized I was completely stalled out on my book because I had reached a plateau in the craft of writing, a close friend recommended I go right to the top for help — to the University of Iowa.

Iowa is famous for its writing instruction.  So, I took 3 classes at the Iowa Summer Writer’s Workshop.

The great thing about the Summer Workshop is that they will let anyone in.  This is a truly great thing, because everyone learns more from reading and hearing the teacher assist terrible writers than they ever do from observing the talented ones.

In the Workshop you learn what it takes to write.  As they say at Iowa:  The most beautiful writing in the world exists in fragments.  They’d rather see a lesser talented writer with a good attitude and strong work ethic than the artistic genius, because the ” great artistes” will never finish their work.