July 13, 2007

Met with Tyler, TX, Pulpwood Queens — Got a Great Story

Last night I had a fun chat with the Pulpwood Queens Book Club of Tyler, TX. It was a wonderful group and they told me a truly funny story.

The husband of one of the ladies had the idea of leading a donkey from one pasture to another by tying a lead rope to the back of his Kawasaki Mule (a very nice small vehicle a bit like a tractor crossed with a golf cart and a pickup truck).

The husband thought it was a genius idea, but the donkey was having none of it.

When the Pulpwood Queen happened to look out the window of her house, she saw the determined little donkey standing with all four of its shiny hoofs planted firmly in the dirt. Her equally stubborn husband floored the Kawasaki Mule until it was doing a wheelie!

She said she was amazed to get to see all together in one tableau: “a donkey, a mule, and a jackass” !!!

: )

That’s a good one…

February 5, 2007

Descriptive Genius in Local Dialect

My foot’s so sore, if I was standin on a dime, I could tell ye whether it was heads er tails….