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Carolyn Jourdan -- Memoir & Mystery

#7 Wall Street Journal Best Selling Heart in the Right Place
#9 Wall Street Journal Best Selling Bear in the Back Seat
#1 Amazon Bestseller in Nonfiction, Memoir, Science, & Medicine Medicine Men
#1 Amazon Bestseller in Mystery and Medical Fiction Out on a Limb

Heart in the Right Place is the true story of a spoiled, high-powered Senate lawyer who gives up a glamorous life in Washington and comes back home to the Smoky Mountains to work as an inept receptionist in her father's rural medical office.

"A delight ... All Creatures Great and Small combined with Northern Exposure, and a bit of Deliverance (the clean parts) thrown in for flavor."

"I found myself huddled under my covers at midnight not to wake my husband, shaking hysterically with laughter. "

"ER, Mayberry, and James Herriot ... just what the doctor ordered!"

"I laughed and I cried, I read passages out loud to my husband, and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning two nights in a row to finish it."

"Perfect cross between Beverly Hillbillies and M*A*S*H*."

"Manolo Blahnik meets John Deere."

Letter from a patient on September 1, 2011
     Please tell your father how very much I will forever appreciate him for having his heart in the right place.
     He was so good to my Momma and Daddy. They felt he was the next thing to God.
     I can remember him coming to the house many times when they were too sick to come to his office. He always called Daddy “Pop”. 
     The last time he came to the house Daddy was bedridden and he just stopped by for a visit. He brought "Pop" a little teddy bear that clips on the sheet.
     I still have it and think of him and thank God for him every time I see it. Sometimes it just makes me cry.

Beloved by 100s of Book Clubs, Library-Based Programs, and City-Wide Reads

An interdenominational classic chosen by Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Unitarian Book Clubs.

Used in medical schools, universities, colleges, and prep schools to teach medical ethics, psychology, and literature.

Available in Braille, German, and Hungarian.